Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Should I have Done?

Timing!  I really disappointed my husband last night.  We were a straighter-than-thou party where I had the twins totally covered up, yet still managed to have strangers approach me and praise my (new) Mock-Stripper Couture platforms.  Funny how I invite this type of commentary.  I stood there in  my new Banana Republic Sweater Dress among the Chanel and Sapphire crowd and held my own.

I made some new friends.  Among them, a recently divorced hot blond who clearly wanted to see what was under my J Crew tights.  After yesterday's blog (about bringing home a random third party) I could see the wide window of opportunity for Jake & me.  Just as I really considered a playful fishing line like, "Are you going to give me your number so we can make a playdate?", my daughter's classmate offered me another martini.  Back to real world.  This did not seem like the place to try new things.

I probably should have went for it, I think.  Yes, I do think I'd like to give vanilla hunting a try.  Haven't done it with a vein of seriousness.  Any suggestions, friends?


  1. Always worth a shot! But I was out with a mixed crowd last night and all I can say is - Frustrating. Just can't be as open and expressive. Then again, if you don't try to convert a vanilla, you will never succeed :P

  2. Wuoh, hold on: a classmate of your daughter offered you a martini? That, my friend, is a come-on! I guess your game was so on that propositions and opportunities were coming to you from all directions. :-)

    Oh, can you clarify how she wanted to check out what was under your J Crew tights? I'm compiling lines for future references.

    And, for the record, J Crew and Banana Republic are indeed hard to showcase the sexiness underneath. Therefore, kudos to anyone that still oozes that something even clothed in the designed-to-be-safe Crew/BR/Gap, etc. Cheers!


  3. Hello Hardass! I know, I know, typically I reserve my "mall fashions" for the parent-teacher conferences and luncheons. I had to play it stiff for a vanilla party, so I sexed it up a bit. I think the secret is a tight sweater dress (maybe it was really a shirt?) and sky-high platforms. Oh, and you and I both know a tight sweater clinging to a "hard ass" is sexy in just about anything.

    How did I know I was being hit on? Let me put it bluntly. My dog would have been jealous to see this woman petting me. It was shameless. And flattering.