Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blame it on the Alcohol, or Not?

Talking about parties, here's an interesting topic sure to polarize the readers.  To drink or not to drink?  Let's start with one drink.  It's almost mandatory, unless or course you are the designated driver.  Anytime I have been out and not in the mood for alcohol, I am used to being bombarded with the "what's wrong" question -- are you sick?  pregnant?  I've learned to avoid this question by having soda water with a lime.

Personally, I do enjoy a cocktail or two when I go out.  I try and stick to the three-drink maximum, spaced one hour apart with a glass of water in between.  Is it the edge that I want to take out, or the excuse I want to invite?  Maybe a bit of both.

There have been many nights I have been in "training" to come up with the perfect drink equation.  Anything more than three drinks on my tiny frame turns me into a lot of fun.....and a sloppy mess.  I've had nights drinking shot after shot.  My recollection of these evenings are that of a hazy rock video involving cage dancing, girl-on-girl make-out scenes, smeared mascara and smiling men.

Here's the irony.  I've had better times drinking only Red Bull.  These times have had me in precarious positions as well....imagine outfit changes, outfit swapping, 7-inch platforms, sex toys, porn and multiple players.  The bonus for Jake and me is that in the morning we are only tired from lack of sleep, not hung over.  And, we get to reminisce on all the intimate details.  Reminiscing is so much better than filling in the blanks.


  1. We prefer to have a few drinks and stay away from the sloppy drunks. Many never learned in college or early 20s the lessons that should be learned and continue to over indulge. Your describe well the importance of doing what works for you instead of folding to peer pressure.

  2. Well put. I'd also love to hear fro
    the guzzler's perspective.

  3. Alcohol propels one just as RedBull propels you. Individual choices that lubricate away the shyness, perhaps.

  4. Yet another "conflict" or "struggle." I am just caught up in the societlal pressure to stimulate on some level.