Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Girls Gone Wild.....

One of my favorite parties of the year is the School Girl Party.  Something about putting plaid with pleather and rhinestones is so defiant, and so sexy.  There was definitely no Yin and Yang factor for Jake and I last night.  We did the entire evening in a sultry way.

First, we started the evening off at a boutique hotel where we began the evening with....a nap!  Then, Jake set up photo equipment so I can get some shots posted on this template of a website.  Fast forward to dinner, espresso and an interesting taxi ride.

I think the reason we enjoy the parties so much is that we see friendly, familiar faces.  The vibe was playful and energetic, with women in tiny tiny plaid skirts sucking on lolli-pops gyrating to hip-hop with a back-drop of pole-dancing professionals and amateurs who looked pretty professional to me.

So what's a blog with out either intrigue, controversy or complication?  Here it comes. The dynamics of the "swinging crowd" are very complex.  It's like dating.  Remember dating as a single?  One person searching for a single companion.  Now, we have two people occasionally torn on whether they are looking for one, two, or even four companions.  Which makes the connection factor exponentially more impossible to find.

Here's a random sample equation.  Take us, Mimi and Jake.  First off, we can't exactly clarify what the "x" is in our a + b = x equation.  Do we want a couple?  Do we want a single female?  I'm pretty certain at least one of us prefers a couple.  The couple must:  like each other, have a great sense of humor, and yes, they must both be attractive.  And, we can't get the vibe that they want to "divide and conquer."  We have found a plethora of just what I have described.  What we have difficulty finding is those criteria and CHEMISTRY.  We've tried to make it work on looks alone.  I think the bottom line is there are so many people we have met that we'd love to have Sunday BBQs with, but maybe not in our hot tub naked.

I think when you've found your soulmate, it's hard to put another "number" into the equation.  So why bother?  Why not just have Sunday BBQs and maul each other afterwards?  Because variety is the spice of life, I guess.

Whoops...I forgot to stick in the part of the evening where Jake and I had the kind of sex a "gentleman" on a business trip might pay for in several large bills.....I even got to have breakfast in bed afterwards.

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