Thursday, September 17, 2009

Swinger.....How it all began.

So I call myself "Mimi" because there are two sides of "me". The "me" that everyone knows and loves. The good daughter, mother, wife, neighbor......the boring list goes on. This is the "me" you see at the Country Club head-to-toe in my tennis gear, head-band wearing, dinner-party throwing Buffy next-door. I will volunteer at my child's (private) school any day of the week, walk your dog, watch your two-year old while you take a spin class. I'll even make you dinner if you come down with the flu. I am a good girl.

I'm a smart girl, too. I went to private schools, graduated from college with a Bachelor's Degree. I'm book smart, meaning I know how to pass a test. But even better, I'm street smart. I know how to pull off a good cover-up. It started in high school. I learned how to throw a successful party at my parent's house weekend after weekend without getting caught. It was just innocent drinking and fooling around. Nonetheless, it was against the rules.

It's important for you to understand that I have both versions of "me" in my core. I want to be good. Most of the time. What I don't want to be is boring.

I think I should have started the blog with "It started with body-shots of my recently pierced navel on the bar at my friend's restaurant." But that's so obvious. Reluctantly I will admit that I am a rule-breaker. This is different than a law-breaker. It's important to make this distinction. I am a non-traditionalist. I refuse to let society dictate how I will spend both my days & nights. Here's the caveat. I have kids. I don't want them to suffer for my lack of conformity. Hence, I will continue to put up a believable facade so they are not judged by the narrowminded personas running the social circles of the youths in the suburbs.

The person who gets both sides of "Mimi" is my husband of nearly 20 years. I'll refer to him as "Jake." So what happens when you take a good girl with a very wild side and put her with a man with the sex-drive of a 17-year old? You certainly don't get a couple who is sustained on small-talk consisting of the neighbor's vintage Cabernet collection, or "mikey's" private basketball coach.

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  1. So how did "Me" become "Mimi"? A recent act of Body Shots could not only be held responsible for the transformation. How did the idea really come to mind, who's was it and has it taken any kind of shape?

  2. Whoa Roy! Don't jump to the end of the book on page 2. I'll give you a little snapshot of the intention of my blog about the evolution of "Mimi". Mimi is a name I've created for myself for purposes of privacy. I like it also because it is reflective of the double life I feel like I lead -- For a few years I've been wrestling with writing a book chronicling some of my lurid adventures. I decided to pen a blog instead because a lot of what I have to say is too random for a structured book. So, hopefully this answers enough of your questions and will keep you tuned in to find out the rest.

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  4. Mimi, I understand your intentions but you also forgot some important details that should have been on page one. I need a picture for the frame so describe your self to make it more interesting. And as long as you think my questions are answered somewhere down I am very interested in following.