Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maybe I'm not a Solo Player?

Yesterday I really did try.  I wore a sexy, tiny Burberry bikini with Stuart Weitzman Patent-leather pumps to the pool.  I strolled around by myself before settling in to a chaise.  I sunbathed and relaxed for a couple of hours.  There was a creepy man enjoying my view.  A middle-aged man with his parents (can I use the word creepy twice in the same blog?).  Nada.  

I decided to take the hunt into my own hands and have a drink at the bar.  This is kind of funny because I'm not a big drinker.  I'm more of a cappucino, diet coke kind of girl.  I do enjoy a nice martini.  I carefully selected my station, next to two attractive men.  Keep in mind, I have a tiny tank top and beach skirt over my still visible bikini.  CFM pumps.  And I'm by myself.  Smiling, chatting.  Friendly.  

I order my martini with a side of olives.  I'm careful not to attach myself to my iphone.  Even the bartender is hesitant to engage.  Finally, he opens up and we chat about night clubs, shows.  I'm bringing up Burlesque, steak houses.  Can I be more approachable?  I'm waiting for an opening with the men.  OMG, they are from the same hometown as me.  I am ready to pounce.  I'm really just trying to flex a muscle here.  They are so engrossed in their discussion of pro-gaming and marketing I lose interest and pay my tab.

Ready to give in.  Not.  So I walk the casino and land in another bar.  So easy to do in Vegas.  I sit next to a man by himself.  There's no one else at the bar so he can't ignore me.  It turns out he is also from the Midwest.  Yes, it's true, we are all nice (salt of the earth type of people).  I make a new friend.  Who's more interested in poker.  Fair.

I've so enjoyed comments with other's experiences looking into this type of play.  I am considering the possibility that I'm just a team player and Jake and I have a synergy that is undeniable.....But today is another day.  I just booked a radical massage to take away my inhibitions.....I'm not throwing in the towel yet.


  1. Hahha...great story! Thanks for sharing this, Mimi. I guess it's the same as for guys: the more you look for it, the less easy it is to find it. I say, relax, enjoy your martini, with a cap' on the side, and take in the scene.

    I love the follies in Vegas, and people-watching is fantastic. Wish I was there to have seen your travil, er, adventure! :-)

    PS. love the self-portrait at Wynn.


  2. It's 7:00 pm, on a Friday night. A 38 yr old SM in Vegas is reading this Blog wondering why he wasn't at the same pool as "the other woman" How different her blog would of read.

    Athletic, Dark hair, Tan, Green eyes.6'00" 200lbs .

    Guess the moon and the stars didn't allign.

  3. Mimi... Let me start off by saying my husband and I love following your blog! We have dappled a little with the “lifestyle” and it's great to hear another's perspective.
    Regarding “Solo Player,” two things: 1) My husband wants to make sure you remembered to take off your wedding ring when you went up to the bars. It would make since those men were being polite with no flirtation if you left it on.
    2) More details!!! Help us that are inspired with what works and what doesn’t. Did Jake want you to bring a guy back so he could watch or were you supposed to tell him about it? I hope these questions aren’t too forward, but we are intrigued with the idea ourselves. Do tell!