Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mimi & Jake are off to Vegas

This'll be short and sweet because I am trying to physically and mentally prepare for our trip.  I am taking a poll.  I'm open to trying new things all day long.  What's the repercussion's I can't anticipate to live out Jake's fantasy:  For me to pick up a single male and unleash my sexual prowess.  He's made no stipulations; I can find the willing party at the pool by myself or at a night club with Jake as a voyeur.

Aside from the obvious, physical dangers I could potentially invite (bodily harm, disease -- I'm not talking about H1N1), what's the mental damage we could suffer as a couple?  Remember, we are very secure.  That being said, what good can come of this?  Should I open up to this experiment?

Let me know your opinion!


  1. It is a fine line between desire and disaster. Walk it with a balance of caution and abandon my sweet conflicted Mimi…

    Let me know if you need a plant in that bar…it’s a sacrifice I’d gladly make.

  2. You definitely need to explore it as far as it goes!!! Just the anticipation and "dressing the part" will make you both incredibly hot. Don't limit yourself too much - clean up your room and put on your sexiest bathing suit, nothing on your ring finger and check out the pool later in the afternoon, Jake can come down after you've scoped and started, he can hit on you too. Don't be shy, try to grab a good one and take him to your room. If no luck, enjoy a massage from your husband, light meal, and see how bold you can be with slutwear for picking up a guy at your hotel bar!!! Again Jake can participate. Vegas will be full of married guys, no need to investigate too closely but you'll have to decide if you would take one of them if he's hot enough . . . Have Fun!!!!

  3. Interesting scenario, Mimi. Logistically speaking, it would appear quite easy for you to "pick up" a single male in Vegas. The harder part might be for the guy to know (and to still go through with it) that Jake will be in the room as well. Now is this also your fantasy, or are you living out Jake's fantasy solely in this pursuit?

    As for mental damage, I can't imagine how this would be different than those times where you guys had MMF encounters...or is there something I'm missing? Oh, and there can be no good to come from this, in answering your question: this is play, and play can be either good or bad, dependent on how you want it to be.


  4. Go for it!!! Hubby recently gave the OK for an afternoon tryst at the most expensive hotel downtown. We had met this single male at a house party, and there were huge sparks between he and I. Three days later, we met at this hotel that he'd spent hundreds on just for the afternoon. He had also never done anything like this before. It was *awesome* to live out this little fantasy that I wasn't even aware was a fantasy. The SM just instructed me how to dress and where to meet with a time. I stepped out of my comfort zone and followed his instructions (I'm very much an alpha female), and this is where it led. I've been extremely stressed out lately, and I felt like a princess, who had an amazingly fun sexual experience, and it didn't even feel like I was living my own life. Talk about a great form of stress relief and an amazing ego booster! Have fun with this...hubby will be thankful, and you will, too.